Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was in Singapore in the late 1980’s, that time my hubby was attached to the Malaysian Government Naval Base in Singapore……I met a lady….a very nice, kind n joyful person. She is a Sarawakian…if I’m not mistaken….gave me few books that contained recipies of Sarawak layered cake and asked me to copy. I’m very thankful to her because of her willingness to share those recipies without asking me to pay a single cent.

Even though our husband were not in the same rank…(her husband was a sargent in medical corp…) but we were close. I’ve lost contact with her…before her husband retired from the service, she told me that she would be moving to Kluang. To her son or daughter who might be reading my blog…..please send my best regards to her….Kak Jamilah Yassir….Yassir is her husband….Sargeant Yassir. Semoga sihat sejahtera dan dilimpahi rahmat hendaknya…amin.

During that era all the Sarawak layered cakes must be steamed, taste nice but sweet. Some of the cakes that I made… I gave to my friends because its too sweet for me. Most of the recipes must have milk, kaya, horlicks or biscuit flour. And it took hours to cook. Nowadays the cooking method has changed, from steaming to baking method…..which is more easier.

After so many years the recipe book that I copied being abandoned…..(it was kept in the drawer in my room…) yesterday, I took it out. And I decided to bake some cakes…I baked 2 different types of layered cakes.

And here’s what we got…

- Layered with kandos chocs and raisins

- Layered with cheese and choc button

If you want to know the taste…..come gimme a shout and just place the order ya...its marvelous...I bet you'll never forget...

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